I am currently in Phase #1 of my program for the 2015 United States Strongman National Championships. This phase is focused on increasing my speed on the yoke, increasing my overall lower body strength and increasing my bodyweight. I'll also be working on my event technique. I'm also raising an amazing infant boy, while still working, training and living life. My next competition will be the USS National Championship in late June where I'll be competing in the 220# class.

The Doctor told me I could "test" my wrist out 4-week post injury. Last Saturday made it 4 weeks so I decided to push it a little. I started with log clean & press. I was expecting the press to hurt more than it did. The clean however was pretty damn painful. As for the press, my rack position has my chest, shoulders and body supporting most of the weight. So that didn't put too much pressure on the wrist at all. Then I was using so much leg drive I didn't really feel anything until the log was locked out overhead. Before training I taped everything really tight. Then I would put on my elitefts wrist wrap really tight on that side. This seemed to help as well. My biggest issue was stability as I haven't pressed anything heavy overhead in a month and haven't trained log since February 1st.

Farmers went a lot better than expected. The pulling down of the farmers didn't hurt much at all, however the initial taking off did. As I accelerate the farmers kick back and swing slightly. The motion (very similar wrist movement s the log clean) of resisting the farmers from swinging hurt. Similar to the clean though, it's a fraction of a second that I feel it.


A. Log Clean & Press






B. Yoke

390x60 ft.

510x60 ft.

570x60 ft.

640x60 ft.


C. Farmers

205#s - 60 ft.

240#s - 60 ft.

275#s - 60 ft.


D. GHRs w/elitefts red mini band

3 sets of 10


E. Straight Leg Sit Ups on GHR

3 sets of 15