Dec 29/30

Ok so Friday evening I took a little trip to the batting cages for what I thought would be a casual evening of light hearted athletic revelry.

But alas, by Saturday morning the right side of my body was attempting to secede from the mainland of Lily’s body.

I feel like I have hit peak powerlifting where I can’t engage in leisurely athletic pursuits that involve moving my body in a direction other than up and down.

Cue Benny Hill music and elbow tendinitis


I was hoping to play hockey again next time I have a long off-season but now it seems like a dire proposition that I may have to rethink.



Anywho Saturday morning I actually tried out the pit shark again. And I think I almost figured out how the pit shark works. You can’t squat how you want to squat. You have to squat how the PIT SHARK wants you to squat. And if you cater to its whims, you may not feel like your knees are going to pop out.

Worked up to 5x10 with 6 plates on each side. I just wanted to do more than Anthony did the other week and I’m pretty sure I did.

Back attack 5x10 with two plates and a quarter. I think I finally figured out how to make it as low back focused as possible.

Hyper 4x30 holding a 50 lb sandbag

ALSO DID YOU KNOW that if you change the foot pad on the EliteFTS hyper you can change the hamstring/low back ratio that you use during the exercise???? I had no idea! You learn new things every day! Knowledge is power! They really think of everything!

For my sets I moved the foot pad to one of the higher settings for get a sick low back pump.

Stir the pots

Reverse hyper probs 2 plates on each side 4x25-30

Leg extensions 2 plates 3x20

Belt Squat marching. That might be a little bit of an overstatement. Belt Squat waddling. 2 plates 3 sets for 2 min each time.


Also worked with Tyrel a little on his deadlift setup today. He was having trouble wedging and getting into the best starting position. We tried a few different cues and ideas to get him into a better position and it ended up that telling him to “pull back” before he started the pull got him wedged into the bar and into the best position. You can try and communicate an idea to someone in so many ways but it’s a matter of finding the right cue that gets them to do the right thing. “Pull back” could mean different things to every person but for Tyrel, it got his hips, head, knees, and shoulders in a perfect starting position.



Decided to extra switch it up with some incline DB pressing. Wow I’m so wild. Watch out. 50 lbs for sets of 10-15 for many sets (this is literally what I wrote down on my phone. Many sets. Ok.) Then 55 for 8 for a few sets.

Single arm iso low row (I don’t know which of those words belong there and which don’t but I know some of those are written on the machine) 2 plates each 5x10-12

Face pulls on cable machine 100 lbs 4x10-15 giving the back a nice squeeze instead of just flailing

Front raises with grenade handle and 1 chain 4x12-15

Tricep extensions on cable machine with wide bar 90 l bs 3x25-30

Hebrew Hammer curls 25 3x25

Partial lateral raises 35 lbs 4x25-30

Reverse hyper 4x20


Omg thank baby jesus I’m back to barbells again after this.