5 minutes airdyne
20 minutes stretching and dynamic warm up
Work Sets:
325/370x5 410x10
FSL Sets Paused:
325 3x5 (put legs up for sets 2 and 3
Close grip bench with shoulder saver w/legs up:


I was really pleased with this week's benching. Last month I had only gotten 405 for 7, so 410 for 10 was a big step up. The back held up nicely. Although, it did start getting fatigued, hence why I put my legs up for a few fsl sets and assistance.

Regarding assistance, I am getting very sport specific. There's really no need to do much more than bench on these nights. I originally had written in to do side laterals. I don't have any idea what I was thinking. Those aren't going to make a difference at this point. Plus, I would have just been aggravated doing them.

So it seems taking the month off from loading my spine really made a difference. That, benching with my legs up, and using the shoulder saver when necessary. I am usually feeling really beat up as I get closer to a meet. This time around I'm feeling better as the contest draws near. I guess when you start the cycle as beat up as I was, there's no place to go but up. However, we know that's not true. It can always get worse.

Anyway, all of the sound decisions I have made over these months are really allowing me to dial things in. It's not always about sets and reps. There should be a reason for pretty much everything in your program. If you don't know why it's in there, get rid of it.