Part of what was "off" at the Arnold Pro Raw Challenge was my mentality. I got in my own head, and didn't execute on the platform like I know I could've. After debriefing with my coach, part of the "remedies" or "solutions" we're implementing going forward is to try and be on the platform a bit more often (rather than just having "Test Day's" in the gym). Lucky for me, there's a meet being hosted by a gym I am familiar with, and a meet director I trust to put on a good meet, AND it's just a couple hours away (in Connecticut). This will be the USAPL Connecticut Spring Classic, and I've never been more excited about a training cycle in my life!

Without further delay-- here's my first Training Session of the new Cycle.


3/17-- Main Squat, Primary Main Bench, Bench Assistance

Competition Squat w/belt[ sets of 5 @8rpe-- 3 Repeat Down Sets]

225 x5 @6

245x5 @7

265x5 @7.5 (wasn't sure if I should stay here or go up to hit my initial 8-- so my training partner and I decided I would get 265 once more, and if it still felt to easy we'd go up by 10lbs)

265x5 @7.5  (still felt too easy for an 8rpe-- decided to go up)

275x5 @8

275x5 @8


Competition Bench [ sets of 5 @8rpe-- 3 Repeat Down Sets]

**working on a new set-up, feels a bit awkward-- but I think with practice it'll end up being more efficient/better**

135x5 @6

155x5 @7

165x5 @8.5 [exceeded the ideal rpe, was tougher than the top set was supposed to be-- so I dropped it by 5lbs for the repeat sets]

160x5 @8

160x5 @8.5

160x5 @8

Push Press[sets of 8 @9rpe-- 1 Load drop (5% drop)]

75x8 @6

95x8 @7

105x8 @8

115x8 @9

105x8 @8.5


12 minutes on the clock-- going between two exercises. Starting sets at 12, and lowering as fatigue/RPE increases. I'm given fairly general recommendations for what GPP should look like, but since I tend to be OCD and like taking a very deliberate/planned out approach (when feasible) I sought the advice of teammate Alexander Cortes! He's been very helpful in giving me some advice/tips/ideas on how I can optimize my GPP sessions to get the most benefit out of them!

Seated V-Bar Row [Total Reps done: 74 w/60lbs]

Ab- wheel Roll Outs [Total Reps done: 72 reps w/Bodyweight]