A Few of My Favorite Memories from the S4 Compound

It's been sad watching the updates over the last few weeks of the S4 Compound being cleared out. Bigger and better things are coming for this company, I know that and see that, but it's still sad to know I wont be able to revisit the place where I made some of amazing memories.

It was in the S4 compound that I learned what it meant to feel strong mentally, it was where I discovered how it felt to have people believe in you, it was where I met some of my favorite people, it was where I learned about lifting, life, and how I could start making myself better.

My first trip to the S4 compound was for LTT8, I went as a novice lifter who had never competed before. I was amazed by the coaching and knowledge of my group coaches Brandon, Joe, Jenn, and Ted. They coached me to a few PRs, and more than anything, made me feel strong. I knew that day that this team was something I wanted to be a part of.

Once the next seminar was announced, The Powerlifting Experience, I knew I needed to go back to the compound. I drove by myself to revisit the place that made me feel strong for the first time. This day holds a few of my favorites. This was the day Dave taught me I'd lift whatever I believed I could lift, in a very Dave way (it involved digging his finger in my forehead from what I remember). I hit a big squat PR that day thanks to that. That day held many great memories, and I'd be writing for hours if I went through all of them. That day I was brought onto the team, and met my coach Steve. That day for the first time I knew what it felt like to have someone believe in me.

The powerlifting experience 2 was a big learning experience for me. It was my first time being on the other side of the seminar to help out. I felt small, out of place, and was not confident in my ability to coach and cue as soon as soon as I saw how great my teammates are at it. I did my best to help in whatever way I could, but that day I didn't feel deserving to be next to my teammates. I knew after that day that I needed to be better, I needed to learn more, I needed to do more. I needed to be deserving of being on this team. I listened to their cues, their coaching, tried seeing what they saw. That day made me a better coach and lifter.

These are my top moments from the S4 compound, seems like they all have more to do with the people in the building than the building itself. I'm looking forward to being in the S5 compound with those same amazing people

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