a missed squat and no sucessful pressing

This weekend is my heavy weekend and I prepared for it during the week by doing lighter work and ROM work....



box squats  - wore Metal Ace briefs and squat suit straps down

Kilo plates were used so working up was just throwing on another 25-kilo plate each set

worked up to about 6 plates per side doing doubles and dropped to singles

903 - missed this was the first squat I've missed (called for spotters to take the weight) in about 3 years. The setup on my pick was off a bit and as soon as I touched the box my knees came in and I wasn't able to get up.

cleaned up my pick and took 903 again and it was surprisingly easy.

added reverse light bands and took 1,008 for a single. I had to pick this one twice because my first pick was shit and I reracked it before beginning the squat.



Barbell bench wearing Metal Ace bench shirt

My plan was to work up to something I could touch and press. I did not use boards and just worked each weight down as far as I could before pressing. This started at 410 and continued to 550 without touching (about a 1/2 board off chest). I took 565 and touched it but was unable to press it. Really not a good position to be in.

In review, I believe my attempt to work the shirt down actually just wore me out and I wasted all my energy fighting the bar down with each rep.  I'm writing this off as a failed training session and not necessarily a loss in bench strength. I'll see if I'm right next weekend.


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