Holy smokes! I was expecting a good workout yesterday, but had not expected to set a PR or how well everything else went during this workout!

The plan was to finish this workout with 180x2x3, but the first set of 180x2 felt like there was nothing on the bar. The bar FLEW off of my chest, I felt like I could have done another one or two reps. I immediately messaged Goggins, who told me to go for 190x2. The first rep wasn't an issue, fairly normal speed for me, but the second rep was the slowest press that I can remember. I felt like I was trying to push a brick wall away from me, but the bar wasn't dropping, so there wasn't a chance I was giving up on that rep! kudos to my spotter who did not touch that bar.

My hips came up a bit, and my set up still needs some work. I need to remember to really jam my triceps hard at the lift off. All in all, I am grateful for having such a good workout!

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