Wow what a day. We had a professional photographer come out to the Outlaw gym to take pictures of squat day.  Thank you Andrew for making the long trip today, can't wait to see your pics!

We had at least 13 lifters today and training with a great crew makes all the difference. Some came just to help spot and load, that shows so much for how this team works. We help each other always, training with a team is not a one way street.

I am officially signed up for the RPS meet in October, 11 weeks out. I was thinking of just doing push pull but I signed up for full power and I will see how my knee does with squats. So far, so good and being smart with my training will make all the difference.


66 lbs x 10

116 lbs x 5

136 lbs x 5

156 lbs x 3

206 lbs x 3

256 lbs x 2

306 lbs x 1 (with wraps)

346 lbs x 1 (with wraps)

400 lbs x 1 (with wraps) 20 lb all time PR albeit I'm in a single ply suit I'm still taking this PR as I have never had this much weight on my back ever.  I hit a 380 raw squat at Worlds last Nov and really haven't squatted since.



256 lbs x 1/1/1/1/1

256 lbs with green bands x 1/1/1/1/1


I'm super excited for the next 11 weeks of training. No specific goals yet, I need to decide if I'm going raw or single ply. After today, I'm thinking single ply!

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