The past few weeks have been nothing short of pathetic. Things are regressing significantly and I have backed off grip work hoping that might help things snap back into place.


Seated Piriformis Stretch


90, 3x5

110, 1x3

130, 1x3

150, 1x1

170, 1x0

Frustrating, I was fully expecting to be back well over 180.

Close Grip

135, 3x6

I realize lately my log has been pretty negative and I struggle constantly posting the negative and not having a more positive spin on things. The reality is this is where my lifting is at. Experiencing such a significant regression is new to me and I keep waiting for things to bounce back. They are not. Lack of movement forward is one thing I know all to well but to regress to this level and for this long is irritating.

It may be time to re-evaluate my plans for June if my training does not come together quickly AND I need to pick up the grip piece as a part of that.