My meet PR is 640 raw w wraps at 220. The way things are looking my opener will be with in 20 lbs of that here in less than 8 weeks at my next full meet, Sept 16 at Rivercity Barbell.

In the past 5 weeks I've hit a 650 and 655 squat, both pretty easily. Last night I hit 645 for a single. I'm finally starting to get more comfortable with a decent amount of weight on my back.

bar x15

I used the maverick knee wraps, which I really, really like for all my medium sets.
My 555 and 595 I used the krait 3 meter wraps.
The 645 I used the elitefts super heavy 3m knee wraps.

I'm still torn between the krait and the super heavy wraps. I would recommend either to a heavy squatter, I just don't know which is better. I am leaning toward the kraits. I self wrap and they are a little easier for me to get a good wrap out of.

I finished up with a 1/2 mile walk. And will do a light half hour recovery workout today. I am not sure if I am going to elitefts to squat on Saturday or to bench on sunday. Either way, a recovery workout should be a big help.