Lower speed day, keeping my technique tight, explosive moves and keeping my joints loose.



W/U bar 55 lbs x 10

W/U 146 Lbs x 3/3

186 lbs x 3/3/3/3/3 Explosive

Pause squats 116 lbs 2 second pause in the hole 8/8

Straight legged deadlifts

146 lbs x 10/10/10

Speed pulls

235 lbs  x 3/3/3

Reverse Hyper 280 lbs 30/30/30

GHR 15/15/15

Abs  sit-ups on the GHR to finish 20/20/20

Kettlebell drop squats and swing squat finishers

24 Kg 30 secs/30 secs x 3 sets

Hamstrings are growing, back is getting stronger than ever, this type of training hammers the muscles used to have big squats and big deadlifts, work your hamstring, glutes, lower back and abs, watch your lifts increase.

"Hesitation is your worst enemy, walk up to the weight like you own it, never doubt that weight will go up"