At the ymca today to put the wife through a leg workout and get get my swole on. I Made my 6 year old address me as swoletron after the workout. She was confused but I knew what was up.

Hammer strength high row

5 sets of 8 up to 4.5 plates per side.

Goal was to work up heavy and move some weight.

Wide grip lat pulldowns with big stretch and squeeze

4 sets of 10

Chest supported mid row

3 cranked out sets of 15. These burned like crazy.

Rope face pulls

3 sets of 12

1 arm rear delt cable raise

3 sets of 8

Ez bar curl

115 for 5 slow sets of 8

Cable abs

3 sets of 12

Pauloff holds

3 sets of 10 each side for 6'total sets


15 minutes at 3.0


A little bit of everything. I wanted to do shrugs but my low back was not loving me after the lat work so I passed. Hopefully I remember to do them Tuesday after my DL work.
Traps can't be neglected but they also can't be hit effectively unless you have some heavy weight in your hands. My right SI joint was not loving the pauloff holds so it was smart to skip them. I do need them though and will have to find away to get them back in ASAP.