Hit the ymca today with john at 9 today. It's funny as we were both talking how low key our Friday nights were. It wasn't said out loud but it was almost as if we both took it easy last night booze wise on purpose just to have a good workout. We must be getting old! Realizing this responsible behavior we went on a 20 minute hater session to balance out things. On a family note The 6 year old had her district championship today for swimming. Week one She started out with 56 seconds on the 25m free. Today she did it in 31 seconds. She is becoming quite the competitor and she found a sport where winning matters to her. Seeing your kids try hard because they want to and not because they were told too is one of those special parent moments. I stayed home with the little one while the wife took her to the race. She has two more races tomorrow and it will be my turn to go cheer her on. Can't wait. My wife did 10 tabatas today at the gym. She is insane. She is gearing up for marathon and triathlon season. I love to watch as the outfits get shorter and shorter as she gets in better shape each week. She's already in awesome shape but cone October she us in super women shape. October is a good month for me.

Here's what we did today.

Machine chest row

5 sets of 10-15 up to a max set

Wide grip Lat pull downs

4 sets of 10 up to a max

Hex bar shrugs

3 sets of 15 with 315

Standing rear delt fly with cable crossover

3 sets of 10

Face pulls with rope

3 sets of 10

Pauloff holds

3 sets of 10 seconds each side

Ab machine

3 sets of 12

Machine curl

4 sets of 8-10

Hammer curls

55s for 3 sets of 8

Db die raise

25s for 2 sets of 20


Good one. The deload week is here. Ahhhhhhhh!