Last and only deload week workout. I kept the volume low and brief today. I had a interesting nights sleep. My snoring is out of control. I do have mild sleep apnea but I elected not to get a cpap as it is very mild and treatable with weight control. I do however snore like a hibernating gear. My wife has been struggling to stay asleep and a few times a week I find my self on the coach or her sleeping in one of the kids beds. To make an effort in saving her sanity I bought an anti snore mouth guard. It was 100 bucks but after extensive research I decided to try one out. It came in the mail yesterday. I fitted to my mouth right away and took a nap in it. I slept for 3 hours and felt awesome when I woke up. I wore it to sleep and hit the bed at 11 and slept until 7 with out a peep or kick to the knee. I felt great when I woke up and actually remembered some dreams. The mouth guard seems promising. The wife was ecstatic in the morning and said she slept the best she has in years. Who knew???  I'll update on the mouth piece as I'm sure a lot of you have this issue to.

Heres what I did today

pull ups

wide grip 10

medium grip neutral 8

angled close grip 6

1arm reverse pec deck

3 sets of 10

machine curl

3 sets of 8


60seconds front

30 seconds each side


Next week starts the heavy single stuff.  Finally!!