The weekend after the meet I felt unfucked enough to start training.

IF YOU ACTUALLY CARED you would have read my previous log about the type of direction my off season training takes. BUT SINCE YOU DON’T CARE I’ll give you a little refresher: no barbell. 8+ reps.

Moving on.

On my lower days, I try to pick one “main” movement that is more compound and is as close as I can get to squatting without squatting. So I usually belt squat since the leg press, hack squat, and the other thing that’s kind of like a hack squat are all off limits. I can use the pit shark but it always feels fucking weird somewhere and I never know where my feet go and more shit ends up hurting than feeling jacked. Since I’m supposed to keep reps above 8, I try and hit a heavy set of 8-10. I like to hit another heavy 8-10 set of something low back involved usually the back attack. Then I get to my higher rep accessories of whatever I want.

For upper I follow the sameish pattern where I try to hit dumbbell presses or another somewhat compound movement for a heavy 8-10 then follow up with accessories. I am also trying to hit my upper back extra hard so I try to have at least 2 upper back movements on my upper days.

I also try and do my bird dogs and curl ups before training as a warm up and so I actually do them.

While I was warming up on, Saturday Anthony tore his pec so that was the end of that day so I smushed all my training into Sunday-

I started out with belt squats working up to a heavy set of 10 for about 5 sets. I don’t know how much weight since there was some kilo plates around there that I used and fuck me if I’m getting out the old calculator or brain calculator to figure that out. But I guarantee you it was PLATES ON PLATES ON PLATES. Or something like that.

DB presses- 4x15-20 with 50s. Any heavier and it felt extra bad in my shoulders and elbows. And since the beginning of this off season time is partially devoted to fixing shit that is wrong with me, I just stayed at a weight that felt less fucky (clinical term) and did some higher reps.

Back attack 2 plates and a quarter 4x10, tricep extensions 3x15-20, T bar rows 3x10-12, DB OHP 3x10, glute ham raise, hanging leg raises 3x20, leg extensions 3x20, lat pulls 3x10-12, reverse hypers.



That is a video of some training from that weekend where the highlight of my training was Joe throwing a peach ring at me and I failed to catch it which pretty much sums up why I do powerlifting as a sport.