After coming off a top 10 all-time multiply bench press performance, I'm now taking a few weeks to get back into some light hypertrophy training. My focus right now is to keep my body healthy and feeling good, while laying a solid foundation to start a new off season full power training cycle by the end of August.

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Wednesday evening I got in some really quick back and bicep work. The rec center should be back open for business, so I should be able to get some of this bodybuilding based training sessions in and done between clients and during some free time that I have. It wasn't a big issue, but waiting to have to do them after work really started to get old. Nothing wild here, just some good pump work.

Items Used in this Training Session
Swiss Bar Attachment
Blast Straps
Monster Mini Band

Warm Up
PRI Breathing Work - 5 min
Hip Flexor Stretch - 30 sec per leg
Leg Swings (forward and side to side) - 10 each
Single Leg RDL - 10 per leg
Bulgarian Split Squat - 10 per leg
Goblet Squat - 10
Standing Band Crunch - 15

A1) DB Rows
4x8 per arm

B1) Swiss Bar Lat Pulldowns
4x8; then a drop set on the last set hitting each handle
*Each set was done at a different handle.*

C1) Blast Strap Inverted Rows
3 sets, max reps

D1) Band Straight Arm Lat Pulldowns

E1) Seated Incline DB Curls

F1) Cross Body Hammer Curls
3x10 per arm