Back & Biceps

The following details my back and biceps workout from last Tuesday morning at Kirkland Gold’s Gym.  I trained alone and here is the workout…


Superset: Tsunami Bar Straight Arm Pulldowns & MAG Seated Pulley Rows


Here is the bar I used on the straight arm pulldowns:

Here is the MAG attachment I used:


I performed a couple rounds of warm-up sets first - FYI.


Straight Arm Pulldowns x 10 reps with 100lbs

Immediately followed by…

MAG Seated Pulley Rows x 10 reps with 120, 140 and 160lbs


*Flex and bend the Tsunami bar with your arms locked in a slightly bent position before pulling it down to your upper thigh.  Contract your lats hard and accentuate the negative. Move straight to the seated rows using the MAG close/supinate attachment holding the contract for a split second on each rep.


Chest Supported Machine Rows


I used a Life Fitness Machine here with a wide, overhand grip - FYI.


Two sets to absolute failure (12-15 reps) with 150lbs


*The key here is to hold the contraction for a split second on each rep for as long as you are able.  Go to absolute failure and include a couple partial reps for 2 sets.


Banded Dumbbell Pullovers


Here is the band I used:


One set to failure (14 reps) with 90lbs + band


Here is a video from a previous workout:



*Go balls out and hold nothing back here.  A single set to absolute failure. Use a band for added tension at the top to help maintain a lat-centric focus.


Hammer Strength Supinated Pulldowns


One set to failure (13 reps) with 2 plates/side


*Again, a single set to absolute failure.  Get a good stretch at the top before driving your elbow down.  Perform one side at a time.


Kettlebell Curls


Set 1 x 10 reps with 30lbs

Set 2 x 8 reps with 35lbs

Set 3 x 6 reps with 40lbs

Set 4 x 4 reps with 40lbs -> drop to 30lbs x 4 reps -> drop to 20lbs x 4 reps.


*I like these because the kettlebell forces a shorter range of motion which prevents tension from coming off the biceps in the contracted position.


That concluded this back and biceps workout.


Train hard,


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