Back & Biceps

The following details my back and biceps workout from last Thursday morning at Kirkland Gold’s Gym.  I trained alone and here is the workout…


MAG Pulldowns


I used one of my favorite attachments here:


FYI - I also alternated with machine rear laterals and hanging leg raises as a means of active recovery.


Set 1 x 12 reps with 110lbs

Set 2 x 10 reps with 130lbs

Set 3 x 8 reps with 160lbs

Set 4 x 8 reps with 160lbs

Set 5 x 8 reps with 160lbs


*Drive your elbows down and flex hard for a split second before performing the eccentric with control.


DY Hammer Strength Rows


Set 1 x 12 reps with 2 plates

Set 2 x 8 reps with 3 plates

Set 3 x 8 reps with 3 plates

Set 4 x 8 reps with 3 plates


*One feeder set and then grind our 3 working sets with a decent weight and perfect form.


Banded Dumbbell Pullovers


I used this band:


Set 1 x 13 reps (failure) with 80lbs + band

Set 2 x 12 reps (failure) with 80lbs + band

Set 3 x 9 reps (failure) with 80lbs + band


*One of my favorite exercise to stretch out your lats, give your biceps a break and facilitate a great pump.  Control the eccentric and flex your lats as hard as possible at the top.


Supinate Grip Pulldowns


One set to failure with 140lbs


*Use a straight bar with an underhand grip, sit back slightly and grind out as many reps as possible while driving your elbows down and flexing your back as hard as possible.


Alternate: Seated Barbell Curls & Hammer Strength Shrugs


Seated Barbell Curls x reps to failure with 65lbs

Immediately followed by…

Hammer Strength Shrugs x 12 reps with 3 plates/side


*The key on both exercises is to perform deadstop reps.  On the barbell curls, perform them seated so the bar rests on your thighs for a split second before explosively curling it up.  I used the horizontal Hammer Strength chest press for the shrugs and set the weight down on each rep before driving it up and flexing my traps hard for a one second count on each rep.  Perform this superset for 4 rounds.


That concluded this back and biceps workout.


Train hard,


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