Currently preparing to bench in a meet on March 29th. I will be competing raw in the 242 lb weight class


Friday - Bench
Stretching and dynamic warmup
Blast strap circuit

Work Sets:

Comp grip w/legs up 335/380/420x5
Joker Sets:
460x1, 500x?, 500x1
FSL Sets:
Speed/CAT work w/legs up 335 3x5
Close grip w/shoulder saver 365 x12x10x8

I felt really strong again this week. I had the plan set in my head to go for 500 with my legs down. I have never done that weight before. I know I had missed it in the past. I bobbled the first one. It looks like I locked it and then I drifted to the right, so then Karsten grabbed it. I certainly was not satisfied with that, so I took it again. I am really psyched to have gotten it, especially after all that volume. I know it's not really what the joker sets are for, but I just had to do it.

If I can do that kind of work with my legs up after all that volume, in addition to the work I put in on Monday's close grip incline, I can't wait to see what I can do with my legs down and proper rest coming into a meet. Of course this all hinges on me being able to bench with my legs down pain free (or at least with minimal pain). So I am already practicing just getting on the bench with the bar. So far so good. Each day I might warm up and add a few lbs. Keep your fingers crossed for me.