Now, I usually don't talk about being hurt-injured - or even banged up I knew the risk when I signed up. I thought about not sharing this but, if you read my log to keep up, I appreciate that so I figured I'd share.

What I initially thought, via self-diagnosis was that my pec was banged up, it was doing some strange pressure building shit when I'd get the bar close to my chest.

When in reality my clavicle and AC joint had some impingement which was causing my shoulder blade to lift up as I was lowering the bar, in turn, elongating my pec minor.

After having some work done, and being prescribed some exercises and stretches to "rehab" it, I got back to benching immediately.

Warm Ups  

Bar- 2 sets of 10

I took tiny jumps -being honest I don't recall exact weights but something along the lines of

90- 10

125- 10

135 - 8

185 - 5

225 - 5

275 - 5

315 for four triples- I followed that up with a set of 15

Everything felt pretty good my AC joint was killing me, but I can deal with pain- especially when knowing my pec isn't going to blow off.


I did two more sets of 5 (315) with the red shoulder saver pad- which felt amazing - I need to get one of those for when my shoulders start acting up.

Did a ton of triceps push downs with the fat V grip, combined with some high rep band only finishers.

Also did some shoulder raises and flys as part of my "rehab" protocol.

All in all, I'll call it a successful "first day" back - next week I'll up the weight somewhere around 365 lbs.