JP Carroll


JP Carroll is an elite powerlifter from Chicago, Illinois. His top achievement in the sport is a 945-pound squat which is currently ranked third on PL Watch and tenth in the top-20 all-time squats. His best total is 2250 — His current goal is to total 2300. His motto: "I’ve dug myself into many holes in life… Here I stand with a big back, broad shoulders and my head held high. Adversity builds character. The scars both physical and mental I carry, serve as reminders that after the darkest nights the sun shall rise again. I’d rather be laid to rest with arthritic hands, a broken heart and scarred skin than being put in my box having led an uneventful life, exiting unscathed — everybody dies, but not everybody lives."

  • Deadlifts

    Deadlifts 620 x 8 on the Fifth set

  • Wide Grip Bench

    Wide Grip Bench

    Wide Grip Bench
  • Squat Day


    Squat Day
  • Bench Day

    Post July's UPA Iron Battle on the Mississippi, JP is taking some time to reset his numbers in prep for the 2018 Arnold in March. See how 5thSet methodology is setup (with video). Follow his log for powerlifting trend opinion/debate and (occasional) positivity, with a heavy dose of STFU ranting — including a new story series you don't want to miss.

    Bench Day
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