Trying to decide what to open with is sometimes harder than training itself.  This is a big week for me, I have to hit my openers and be confident. Knowing my openers are bigger than some of my previous 3rd attempts and records gives me the confidence I need to know this training program works for me! Bring on the Arnold's !

W/U Bar only 10/10
95 lbs x 5

115 lbs x 3

125 lbs x 3

135 lbs x 2

145 lbs x 1

155 lbs x 1 (thinking this is a nice safe comfortable opener for me)

165 lbs x 1/1/1 (or this, probably 155, never miss your opener)

Assistance today I chose to work on my triceps utilizing my Fat Grips 

Close grip Bench with Shoulder Saver and Fat Grips Killer on Tri's

95 lbs x 10/10/10

25 lb Dumbell Kickbacks 10/10/10

26 lb Kettlebell Extentions 10/10/10

This training day may not seem like a lot to some but with my recent issues on my right shoulder and bicep I decided to train smart, rest, ice and elevation will be in order tonight when I finally get to bed.

"You only live once but if you do it right, once is enough"