Shoulder pain is still lingering but doing my best to work around it but also work ON it.

Shoulder warm up - 5 minutes

Bench w/ shoulder savor pad - this acts like a one board and alleviates pressure off the shoulder by limiting ROM.

Worked up to 185lbs for 3 x 5 while keeping rest periods to a minimum. 45sec-1min.

Dealoded to 135 for 1 x 10 of close grip presses. My triceps are strong, however, adding back in some standing chest cable flies will help balance a stronger foundation for my bench.

  • Standing cable flies (heavy-is) 3 x 15 (1 sec hold and focus on contraction)
  • Pushups with slingshot - 3 x as many as you can without shoulders taking over.
  • Cable overhead extensions x stiff arm pulldowns 3 x 15/10