Warm up 5 min

Bench with the slingshot

Worked up to 200lbs for 3 x 3

Why the slingshot? It helps with technique very similar to a bench shirt. It is also very convenient when you don't have a crew around to help the nitty gritty stuff.

  • reload to 145lbs 1 x 10
  • cable chest flies (1 sec hold) x stiff arm pull downs 3 x 15/10
  • dead stop fatbell rows 3 x 10
  • low cable rows 3 x 20
  • cable curls 3 x 10

Then headed to my boyfriends house for 45 min cardio. He keeps the room heated so I sweat my vag off. Not always a fan of conditioned facilities. Don't get me wrong, we are spoiled at Union. But I was 'raised' training in warehouse in Miami heat weather.