Tonight was bench night. Johns diesel wouldn't start so I was on my own tonight. I was supposed to do rest pause work and I had to improvise a little to be safe but get some work in. I only had an hour including driving time so I had to get in and get out. The lady's had a bingo school event to get to and I had to get back for the little one.

Bench with pinky on rings

135 for 5
225 for 3x2
315 for 2
365 for 1
405 for 1
465 for 3,1 with 30 seconds rest in between triple and single.

Video of 465 for 3 then 1 rest pause

This set wasn't great but it. Wasn't too bad with the set up I did in the rack. I hate the self hand off as it kills my mojo, but luckily I have had to do it often this cycle and I can do it do it without ruining my top sets. I was supposed to do 2,1,1 but with the self hand off I decided to do 3,1 and limit the self hand offs to two with a heavy weight. These aren't great on my shoulders and I want to limit the abuse if I can. My feet were in a weird position die to the bench feet but overall it wasn't bad.

Cat bench with pinky on rings

385 for 3x3

Cat bench 385x3

Dead bench singles with pinky on rings

385, 415, 445

I have one more week of the pinky on the ring work and then it's out to the comp grip. The closer grips are a easy and great way to mix up a basic periodization scheme and keep fresh.

At this point I realized I only had 10 minutes left and put the rush on the assistance work. I did the following work with 45 seconds or less in between sets.

Swiss bar over press with close grip

Bar for 10
135 for 10
185 for 18

Incline db fly with 2 second hold in bottom

25s for 10
35s for 10
45s for 10

Tricep kick backs

1 big ascending set

25s, 35s, 45s for 10 reps each without rest.


I hurried home and spent the night building towers out of Legos. Life is good.