Since I'm less than 9 weeks out from my next full meet in September at Rivercity Barbell in Newport, Ky, I figured it was time to test my shoulder a little bit. Despite some pain and discomfort I still felt pretty strong. I'm hoping to put together a pretty decent total PR in this meet and if my shoulder holds up I should be able to hit a bench PR.

Bench Press (all reps to the chest)
barx10 -Close Grip
135x10 -Close Grip
225x5 -med grip
275x3 -med grip
315x2 med grip
365x2 - Just about regular grip
385x2 - Just about regular grip

My shoulder definitely still hurts, but I still feel pretty strong. So, for now my plan is to just tough it out and see what I can do.

Accessory work:

Seated Rows 5x20
Neutral Grip Pull up 5x5

DB Front raise 5x10 - heavy
db side raise 5x20 light