July is most definitely one of favorite , not only is it the month of Independence its also Teddy's birthday. Nothing like having a true friend for nearly 10 years.

Anyhow, training has been picking up and I feel fairly good and strength was maintained.

Big giant set for upper assistance - rep\sets 15,12,9,6

  • DB chest press flat 70
  • machine chest press 110
  • push ups

triceps and shoulders same rep scheme as above

  • DB OHP with microband
  • rolling DB extensions
  • band pull aparts

Had a lot of mental frustration going into this session. Mentally beating myself up for not making more time for the gym. Yes I still train at least 3 days of good training a week. but that's the bare minimum. And I do not do the minimum EVER. So that's changing this month back to the grind even when I'm exhausted. Even if I get 40 min of gym time and kill one body part its better than nothing.