I'm still training for the RPS meet at Rivercity Barbell in September, despite my shoulder issue. Trying to find what bothers me the least to stay strong. I hit some close grip bench with the bench blokz , I had it set up as a 3 board, which is just above my sticking point, so I usually do pretty well there.

Today was my 31st birthday so I was hoping to hit a PR.

Close Grip Bench (Pointer finger on smooth) to 2 board bench blokz
225x5 x2sets
445x0 x 2 sets - this would have been 15lbs more than my max and 10 lbs more than my max with the shoulder saver. , Obviously, a no go on the PR. So I decided to hit some reps with 315, my PR here was 16 reps, granted it was with out the shoulder saver or bench blokz, but I'll take what I can get.

315x19 reps

Cable Hammer Curls 5x20
Dumbbell Side Raise 5x10

1/2 mile walk