Block Pulls - 5/23/2019

Gearing up for an RPS meet July 27th in Orlando, Fl
I'm 27 years old, painfully Canadian, and compete in the 132lb class (ranked 18th in 2018).
Following the M2 Method with coach Brian Schwab
Current BW (5/23/2019) - 137.2lbs
Last book read - Chasing Excellence by Ben Bergeron
Currently reading -Relentless by Tim Grover

I won't lie, this deadlift session was one where I really wanted to throw the towel in, and leave early. It was pretty bad, I was missing my prescribed lifts and it was incredibly frustrating. The most difficult deadlift variation for me is below the knee block pull. It took a lot for me to get my accessories in, but I was driven by the fact that I didn't want to be as weak as I felt.

385x2 (supposed to be 3)
365x grindy single
Walk away angry

Wide Grip Cable Pulldowns


Mid Grip Cable Rows

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