Training for the IPA Buckeye Brawl December 14th. Programming by Dave Tate in italics.


  • Warm Up
  • Hanging Leg Raise
  • Reverse Hypers
  • Pull Down Abs
  • Face Pulls
  • Low Rows
  • GHR
  • *2-4 sets (whatever you need)



We took a little break from the plethora of sets and reps today to hit a good ol fashioned single.


The bash I’ve been training in is a size 52 that used to belong to an old training partner of mine who I’m pretty sure quit powerlifting for.... demolition derby. Anyway I found some smaller bashes to bash in and one was the king material. Holy fuck that was a doozy. I couldn’t even get my hands out to where they needed to be on the bar and we decided to scrap that before I broke something. So back to a regular bash in a size 50 twas for me.


I’ve also been arguing this whole time about how I’m going to need a 48 shirt for the meet (I had a 46 for my last meet but I am uh considerably heavier now) but I am starting to understand that SMALLER ISN’T ALWAYS BETTER (hear that, ladies??!??). My biggest issue is trying to touch and once I waste all that energy getting down there, pressing is much slower. If I can use a little bigger shirt and get down there faster, my press will most probably be speedier. Oh also I’ve missed a few benches at meets for that reason so uh that is also a compelling reason.



  • Bench Press
  • Max single off a 2 board


Started working up at about 275 and threw some dimes on and I think we were at 290 when Dave said he didn’t think I would get 335? To which my response was “well I got 315 off my chest last time around so if I can’t get 335 off boards now that would be fucking sad”. He retorted that I should go 340 because he didn’t think I could get it and I was too cocky about my bench.


So here’s where it gets confusing. Dave sometimes says I’m not confident enough with my lifting. In this case I was well aware that I could get 340 and then some on this variation. He also wouldn’t willingly put something on the bar that I would definitely fail while getting ready for a meet. So I’m not really sure what he was trying to get at with his attempt at telling me I would fail mindgames but anyway 340 was fine. Insert surprised face emoji.



He was probably also mad when he made me watch his benching demonstration from the back of the bench and I said that would be the perfect position for the spiderman kiss and he had no retort so YOU’RE GETTING FLUSTERED OLD MAN.




  • Vertical Pressing (can be standing, seated with back supported - off pins, etc)
  • + work up to 3x3


OHP with angle bar. Here is what I wrote down. “Quarter dime 2 or 5 or 5 2?”. So there you go. Tracking at its finest.



  • Pushdowns - Any
  • + work up to 3 heavy sets of 5 reps


140 with one of those squiggly cable attachments. You know, the one that looks like this -\--/-


You’re welcome.



  • Low Rows 
  • + work up to 3 sets of 5





  • Free Time: suggested items like pull downs, low rows, shoulders with rope, pull apars, face pulls


I take your suggested items and raise you a lat pull, hex db hold, shoulder stuff, banded triceps, face pulls.