Tuesday the 18th of December

Not my Training

Margaret has been training at the compound for a few months and jumped into her first meet in November after a very short training cycle. She is training for the Women’s Pro-Am in the spring (we are amassing quite a little Pro-Am army including JP’s daughter) so this will be her first full training cycle with us. So before the meet cycle starts, we are taking the opportunity to make some drastic changes to her technique.

One of the many amazing things about training at the compound is that I am learning how to coach other lifters. So it’s nice having fairly new, malleable lifters come in and I can watch what Dave does, ask questions, get feedback, and turn them into my little gerbils so I can figure out how to coach people. They use gerbils in labs, right? Also imagine that these gerbils get fucking yoked as opposed to dying due to some botched experiment.

So today we worked on bringing her stance out and teaching her to box squat. She previously had a fairly narrow stance and for her body type, a wider stance looks way more natural and powerful. Much upright. So power. Very femur. Wow.

Also one of the best things in the world is when I say something or have an idea and then Dave comes over and says the same thing and I’m like FUCK YES I AM NOT A COMPELTE FUCKING IDIOT AND ONCE IN A WHILE MY TRAINING IDEAS ARE CORRECT.


My training

I did

  • Heavyish back attack (two plates and a quarter) trying to use my low back instead of mostly hamstring (which is how I normally do them) 4x10-12,
  • Seated hamstring curls with a plate and quarter 3x15-20,
  • Leg extensions with two plates 3x15ish,
  • Belt squat marching 2 plates for 1.5 min 3s sets for the ol side butt,
  • Hanging leg raises with my legs,
  • Seated adduction 130 sets of 20 with a long eccentric,
  • Some good mornings with just the bar because I’m not allowed to put weight on it yet then I was like ok fuck this and went back to doing heavier back attacks. So more like mediocre mornings amirite.