Competed at the APF-AAPF Orlando Barbell Florida State Meet and won Best Female Raw Lifter: 297/181/352.5.

Current total: 830.5 at 132 lb BW - Florida State and National Record Holder in Junior and Open Women's Raw division

Qualified National Strongman competitor and will be competing  in Nationals this coming October to qualify for The Arnold in 2016

I am here to live, learn, and pass on.

This last minute competition was a surprise; performed better than expected in certain events and got exactly what I wanted out of it -- experience and lessons learned. What I learned most importantly is slow and steady wins the race. I don't mean literally do everything slow. In strongman, everything is timed and you want to be the quickest (and strongest) one of them all, but you also want to be smart. So taking an additional breath, re-setting, and getting your mind right in the process of completing your event I've learned goes a long way.

What I took with me to this competition is:

Have no expectations but to try your fking hardest

 Play with the cards your dealt

While being spectated, I was also being a spectator. Observing others, in some weird way, can help you learn and observe yourself as an athlete. I respect the sport in a lot of ways because it's not set up to be a perfect scenario, and how people react to those circumstances can reveal a lot about the person. Adjustments are made before and even during competition and you have no choice but to either complain about it or roll with the punches.

I plan on doing 2 more competitions before Nationals because this was a great way to learn how to get comfortable with the implements while doing them under pressure. Also, exposing yourself to different events that are in the competition will prepare you more for future ones. In this competition events were:


3min, cap.
3 Times for time:
Keg Carry 20yd 50/75/100 lbs
Sled Push 20yd 185/205/225 lbs

*Each carry and push will increase weight

2 Event: LOG

3min, cap
To find a 1RM Log Ground to Overhead

125 lbs

3 Event: Stone Carry + Load

90sec, cap.
3 Stones (light-heavy) will be carried for 50′ and loaded over a yoke set at a standard height (48inch)

115/130/148 lbs

4 Event: TIRES

2min, cap
Tire Flip Ladder For Time.
10 Tires ending at 1100lbs

5 Event: PULL

90sec, cap
50yd Vehicle Pull with Harness

Wrangler Jeep

Caution Strong-00570-(ZF-2770-45171-1-004)

The sled and keg event was probably the hardest for me. I still need to get accustomed to how endurance based strongman is. The overhead presses went well but technique wise, I need to get the log higher up on my chest and really use my legs in the press. I am not beating myself up too much about this event because the logs were a lot smaller in width than the ones we use at the gym but I was able to adjust. The stone carry and load I really shocked myself with, I thank the adrenaline rush for that. I was able to shoulder the first 2 stones and complete all the 3 stones in 43 seconds, so that’s something I look forward to beating during prep. The tire flip event went well but I was pretty gassed out at this point. I really have to thank Mike for having my back on this one. When I reached the 600 tire flip, I dropped it twice until he yelled “pick that shit up, get under the tire, and step your foot in like a man.” When I’m challenged like that, I have no other option but to get it…like a woman. Final event was dreading I have to admit. Thinking we were pushing the Jeep 150 feet, they switched it up and made it to 300-350 ft. But once I was there ready to go, I knew I had to give it my all given that this was the final event.

So what to take with me from this competition? A base to improve myself on. Although I am dissecting everything I did to know what weaknesses I have to work on, it doesn’t take away the effort I put into accomplishing the events. We always have something to improve on, that’s what keeps us going in this sport, but don’t forget to pat yourself on the back from time to time. Strength is there but I just have to continue to work hard to get where I want.

caution comp 6

The quality of the video is not great and I forgot to film the first and third event but enjoy!

Thank you for being a part of my journey. Suggestions and comments are always welcomed!