Chest day - Hypertrophy

My first chest day after a month of laying off all pressing/chest work.
I’ve been dealing with costochondritis since December of last year. I didn’t know what it was and thought I could work through it for too long. I spent a good part of my last meet prep trying to rehab it, but aggravated it again days before the meet.
Trying to learn from my mistakes, I decided to give my body a bit of a break and let my sternum heal before getting back into it.
I kept things on the lighter side and made sure I didn’t strain. The goal today was to get a pump and avoid anything that might cause pain.

Slight incline DB press
Worked up to 4x8 with 40lb DBs

Incline Barbell press
The goal here was to build up to a tough set of 6. I stayed very controlled through all reps and ranges.

Machine chest press
Worked up to a tough set of 8, then went to failure, waited 30s, then went to failure again, and repeated two more times.

At this point my pecs were shaking from all the volume they’re not used to.

Pec dec
The last rep of every set I held the stretch for 10s.
These were tough after the chest press. Every contraction make me shake like I had Parkinson’s.

Rear delt fly

Cable tricep extensions
Used the spud ab strap

DB tricep extensions
Supposed to be 4x12 but I was out of juice. Went lighter every set but still failed around 10.

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