I always get my training/programmed work done, and I always give the focus and effort each training session deserves--BUT--now I have some "slack" built into my (more accurately "our"--s/o to Coach) system.

I frequently perform non-programmed GPP/bodybuilding/cardio, something I would've seen as "undisciplined" in years prior.

Sometimes this takes the form of circuits I put together after a session because I want to do something "athletic"; often it manifests as some extra "bodybuilding" work that would never find its way into a "Powerlifting" program-- flys, curls, pushdowns, pull ups, lateral delt raises-- the list could go on.

Incorporating more of this "freestyle" GPP has made training "fun" for me again-- meaning I train with more enthusiasm, more energy, more focus, and the likelihood of me looking forward to a grueling Squat workout has dramatically increased (because I know I'll be rewarded with whatever my inner bodybuilder/calisthenics wannabe desires).

In addition to the enjoyment factor benefits, I actually feel "better" (so informational/telling right?). What I mean by that is, I find that I don't have to warm up for as long to get ready for my main PL work. I don't wake up feeling stiff, I don't get uncomfortable doing long-lasting "active" social activities (hiking, walking all over the city for one reason or another, and any other random stuff that sometimes gives us PL folks a low back pump for no reason at all--y'all know what I'm talking about).

By playing around more with my "non-training", workouts, I've also learned more about my body, recovery, and training....


[Part 3 will go into what I've "learned" from Coloring Outside the Lines]