Airdyne 20 minutes
MCL rehab

YTWL's on Swiss ball 5lbs 3x10
Pushdowns 4x25
Standing band flyes w/fat gripz

My upper body is still feeling like a bag of smashed sphincters. It's probably a combination of being sick and some training related issues. I was supposed to have a dynamic bench day, but that would have been counterproductive. So I figured a recovery session was in order.

With the main culprits being my shoulders/biceps tendons, I figured I'd try something new. After doing a little research I decided on YTWL's. I also decided to do them on a Swiss ball. The reason for that is because while performing the YTWL's on the Swiss ball, it also works thoracic mobility (if your doing them correctly). This has been a problem area for me for a while now.

If you have been benching heavy for a long time shoulder health will usually become an issue one way or another. Competitively benching with an arch can also wreak havoc on your back. I'm definitely going to have to keep recovery in mind for these areas. After performing this recovery session yesterday, my shoulders and back feel great. The YTWL's on the Swiss ball will definitely find a way into my routine on a regular basis.

Oh yeah, also, another little tip. I use bands a lot for various things. I hate the way they dig into my hands. So for the band flyes today I put the bands through a pair of fat gripz. It felt so nice in my delicate paws. Just something to consider.