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If you asked me years ago what supplements I took it would've been a long list. I tried about every popular supplement to hit the market for a while, like most young lifters do.

As I matured as lifter and increased in knowledge I realized most supplements aren't needed and a lot are pure junk and/or a complete waste of money. Then the pendulum swung to the complete other side.  I was minimalist when it came to supplements. At one point I only used protein and straight caffeine. I tried to minimize the protein powder use in place of whole food protein sources. Even around workout times.

The pendulum eventually ended up in the middle. I realized the convenience of some supplements, how I personally just liked the effects of some supplements or that some I just found value in.

Now, for most people I recommend a quality protein supplement and multi vitamin. For more serious lifters I do recommend a good pre/post workout protein/carb source. I also will tell people creatine does work in most people and is highly researched and safe. I also tell them that for the most part nothing else is necessary. I firmly believe that and I don't want people spending money they could spend elsewhere thinking that some supplement is the magic bullet. Because that does not exist.

So does that mean that's all I use? No, it doesn't. Overtime I've found some great products that I personal feel are worth their value. However, I know it really makes a very small percentage difference in the big picture.

All of these products I use for specific reasons.


Level-1 Protein (Blended whey/casein meal replacement protein) - Best tasting and super high quality protein. Unfortunately I can't eat whole food protein sources at all my meals. This allows me to still hit my protein macros with a busy schedule.

Phormula-1 Protein w/Ignition (hydrolyzed whey protein with simple carbs).  High quality whey protein and carbs for pre and post workout. I've tried eating my pre/post workout meals. I've tried fat free chocolate milk. I've tried intra-workout protocols. For me this is the best tasting, easily digested option. I also find my performance is best and recovery isn't an issue with this.


I actually rotate through three pre-workouts at the moment.

5 Hour Energy Extra Strength - These things aren't super strong, but they are a nice little kick. If the training day is pretty easy-moderate or more bodybuilding type work I'll usually keep it milder with one of these.

Alphagen - This is a pre-workout that's designed and disturbed by teammate Ben Hartman. This is a great pre-workout that gives me energy and focus that doesn't make me itch or feel odd. Ben is also a no BS guy and the product is made up of quality ingredients that do what they say.

MegaWatt V2 - This is another pre-workout I like for similar reasons to Alphagen above. I like to alternate between the two currently.


Fat Burners

When I was dieting for vacation I started using the thermogenic Commander Edge, mainly for the appetite suppressant and an energy boost since I was in a calorie deficit. I'm not a huge fan of fat burners. Mainly because I think they are misleading. However I learned when I was bodybuilding that fat burners do have a place in my supplement plan at times. When my calories get low I get hungry. However a good fat burner with appetite suppressant effects fixes that problem for me. I'm not hungry, therefore it's easier to be compliant on my diet, therefore it's easier to burn fat. I actually am not currently taking this, but felt it was worth throwing in.


Any 100% pure creatine monohydrate product is a good choice. I prefer a micronized creatine though. Because otherwise some products have the texture of sand in water when you drink them.


Zinc and Magnesium: I buy a cheap zinc and magnesium from the pharmacy and take 50mg zinc and 500mg magnesium before bed.

Z12 - This product is from Biotest and great for sleep quality and recovery. I use this when I'm training for a big competition or in very demanding training phase.

Night-T - This product is from 1st Phorm and also great for sleep quality and recovery. I use this in the same fashion as Z12. I don't use the zinc and magnesium when taking this though. They are already in this product.

I'll typically use Z12 or Night-T for 4-6 weeks before a competition. Then I'll use the zinc and magnesium for a while. Then I'll switch to the Z12 or Night-T (whichever I didn't use the last time) 4-6 weeks before a competition.


So there you have it. Those are the supplements in my cabinet I'm currently using. Post any questions in the comments.





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