I didn't train the week following the meet. I was fucking dead. Physically and mentally. Burnt. Burnt whole wheat toast. The darkest burnt. I went in one day during the week to talk to Dave about my meet and what we are going to do moving forward. In my previous logs, I wrote about how we thought the meet went based on the previous training cycle. Aka go read them to be filled in on that part.

In the coming weeks, I will not train with a barbell for about 6-8 weeks in order to give the ol spine, low back, and elbows some time to chillax. I will be training higher reps (8+) with a focus on hypertrophy and weak points.

Some of my training focuses will be on: bringing up my butt cheeks and working on lower back and strength hip strength. I am staying away from movements that hurt my low back last time around like leg press and lunges and trying to add in some movements I do not do during the meet cycle (like more unilateral work for upper and lower).

All of this will be in conjunction with what I am working on with Tyrel at Hybrid Performance.

At Hybrid: Tyrel will do his ART and stuff on me like he’s Bob Ross,

For my shoulder rounding and tight pecs and arm numbness from nerve stuff:

My at home work: working on my posture, doing that door stretch for my pecs. I used to think “working on posture” meant pulling my shoulder blades back but I learned the other day that it is more like doing an opposite shrug and pulling everything down and back with the mid back. Much different. So posture. Wow.

Also doing some stretching of my arms and neck to release some nerve entrapment or something.

image credit: https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/its-a-trap

image credit: https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/its-a-trap


Gym work: squeezing the mid back together in row work (as opposed to just pulling the shoulder blades back) to help fix my posture related shit.

Rolling out my pecs

For my back: I chose the movements I think helped the most and am going do more volume with those every day (bird dogs and McGill curl ups). Before the meet, I went from doing all of the McGill big 3 every day to doing them just on training days when I felt like my lower back pain had stabilized and I could squat ok. Now we are bringing them back in to hammer away at whatever is still kinda fucky on my right side of my low back.

I will be back to the barbell in a few weeks then will start training for the Women's Pro Am something in January.