Saturday 12/22

Other people get to touch a barbell so I live vicariously through them. Today we worked more on Margaret’s box squatting. We found a few cues that helped her tie her squat together. It’s like a nice puzzle trying to find the right cues also trying to find the minimal amount of cues that work.

Having her spread the floor and engage her legs and hips before the squat pretty much got her lower body where it needed to be on the unrack and descent and having her take a good belly breath of air got everything in the right position from the hips up. So instead of having to cue her feet and glutes and hips and unrack, cueing the feet was able to get the same effect. It helps that Margaret has an athletic background and is good about picking up new movements. Does this fix everything? No. Will things change and cues need to be changed? Yes. But pretty much all of her squats looked solid that day so that is what I was going for. Getting the pattern down as beautifully as possible. As Ice Cube said, today was a good day. That’s what he was talking about right? A good squat day?



I did my warm ups with bird dogs and curl ups and what not. I was going to say “and shit” but I didn’t want anyone to think I was diminishing Mr. McGill’s ideas. I smushed my pecs in with some mobility shit and swung my arms around wildly like I’m supposed to do.

Belt squat sets 4x10 3 plates

Back attack 2 plates and a quarter. 4x10 Every time I do these I try to mess around with the best way to make them mostly a low back exercise. This time I tried to move the pad a little lower and arch more at the top (at the suggestion of T-rel).

Stir the potions. Like brewing an big ol cauldron of Polyjuice potion where I take it and turn into a good lifter. HOLY SHIT I THINK I’M ONTO SOMETHING. EVERYONE WHO WON THE WPO GIVE ME SOME OF YOUR HAIR.

GHR 4x25 with my bod weight

Leg extension 4x20 with two plates

Innie outtie machine 3x20-30

Reverse hyper 3x20 with however many plates were on there





Oh jeez as I write this the memories are flooding back to me. I was sick of being a lil bitch with my lil dumbbell presses so I asked Dave if I could floor press and he said “Merry Christmas” so I did. I used the fat bar and got up to 2 plates and then failed with 2 plates and a 5 on each side. It was not good. So my strength has dropped and my elbows hurt so we will just move on from this.

I did some lat pulls because those weren’t going to make me feel bad about myself. 4x10-15 w 110-120

Seated ab bench. Man I love any exercises you can do sitting down.

Seated shoulder press machine with a plate on each side sets of 15-20

Tricep extensions 60 lbs sets of lots.

T bar row with 2 plates trying to make sure I squeeze my upper back 4x10

Curls curls curls. Reverse curls regular curls hammer curls