Today's training called for speed bench as well as lots of heavy back work. As mentioned before, I'll be doing some light back work on lower body days and heavy back work on upper body days. I haven't done speed bench in quite a while so naturally, I ended up going too heavy. After posting my video to social media, teammate Casey Williams shot me a text and told me to drop the bar weight because it was moving wayy too slow. He gave me some pointers on how to execute the speed bench. Weight doesn't matter. Absolutely crushing the speed is what will make you stronger and give you greater force output. So next week, I will drop the weight and make sure to make them faster. I also benched against doubled elitefts mini bands.

A. Speed Bench
8x3 with 205 bar weight against doubled elitefts mini bands

B. DB  Flat Bench
80lb x 15
90lb x 12
100 x 10
110 x 6
120 x 3

C. Pronated Incline Flys
20lb x 15 x 4

D1. Semi Supinated DB Front Raises
D2. DB Lateral Raises

E. Weighted Pull Ups w/ 25lb Plate
10 x 5

F. DB Rows
110 x 12
120 x 10
130 x 8
140 x 8
150 x 8

G. Ab Machine
100 total reps in as few sets as possible