I'm competing September 16 in an RPS meet at Rivercity Barbell in Newport Ky. I haven't deadlifted as often as I usually do in a training cycle, but feel pretty strong and my squat has really been improving, so I am hoping it carries over to the deadlift as well. Last March I pulled 777 at 220lbs in a DL suit, I am competing raw in September and haven't pulled within 100 lbs of that since march.

135x5 straight leg x 2 sets

I could tell I haven't pulled anything like that off the floor for awhile, but it still wasn't that bad. I am thinking that will be somewhere around an opener.

Iso Deadlift.
I threw these in as a variation in assistance work. I have a massage tomorrow and will not train heavy lower again until next week.

315 bar weight with 3 second isometric pulling against pins. If you don't know what i'm talking about Team Elitefts member, Matt Ladewski has written a lot about this topic and posted some great videos.

Hamstring Curls x100 reps