Deadlift Day

I haven't pulled heavy in a few weeks and I could tell starting up. I worked up to a single at 585 which felt way heavier than it should have. So, I went back to 495 and pulled a few reps vs bands, increasing tension every rep.


WAY heavier than it should have been. I feel like I pull best when I deadlift on a weekly basis.

I took a plate off and went back to 495.
Deadlift 495 vs light band x1
495 vs light band and mini band x 1
495 vs 2 light bands (per side) x1
495 vs 2 light bands and mini band x 1

The last pull was pretty heavy at the top. It did feel good to strain under all of that band tension.

Rack Pull ( used a rackable cambered bar for this and it actually worked really well while standing on a 25lb bumper plate.)

225x elitefts average bands x5
315 plus bands x5
405 plus bands x5 x 3 sets

I didn't do any more accessory work because I plan to squat on Sunday. (This was done on Friday).


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