After a few weeks of deficit pulls I thought I'd do one of two things-

Take a light week and then start some sumo pulls, or go ham searching for a conventional deadlift PR. I warmed up and it felt better with each set. It looked something like this-

135-225x5 315x3


765x1 for a 15# PR -I pulled 750 a couple years ago at the S4, but this felt better and I had more in the tank. If I had to guess, with some rest, I'd be around 800 which is huge for me! My conventional technique is lack luster, but I'm slowly improving. I typically just use conventional pulls- deficit deads and block pulls- as builders. I know if those numbers go up, and my sumo technique stays solid, that my deadlift will go up. And that's been the case for the last year or so.





Thursday assistance

GHR 50 reps

Band pull downs 40 reps

Seated shrugs 50 reps