Today was a deload day.  So I decided to work up to a heavy single on the deadlift.  My mind has been screwed up with my deadlift and I needed to clear my head.  Last week I was supposed to pull 700 for a single on my way to pulling 745 at the meet next month for a 5 lb sumo pr.  Instead I missed terribly 3x.  Like not even close misses.  2 weeks before that I pulled 675 and it wasn't as awesome as I thought it would be.  My squat is feeling strong so it's been a little frustrating.  I have a fairly wide raw squat stance so if my squat is on typically my pull is as well.  I also had a rough few days of work.  A young co-worker died in a car accident this weekend and it has been very sad at work.  Being the program supervisor it's been my job to share with everyone the terrible news.  It's not fun saying some one died over and over again. Working with adults with intellectual disabilities makes it a challenge as well since they are trying to process their feelings and doing it over and over again has not been easy.  Tonight was really about me going in and feeling alive.  I have been feeling hitter about a few things at work.  A few projects aren't going my way and it's been a struggle to stay positive.  I had an epiphany on the way home today.  How dare I be bitter about a petty things when  a poor mother has to bury one of her kids this week.  I went into the gym determined to be thankful that I'm alive.  Pulling a heavy raw deadlift woke my ass up!!

sumo deadlift

135 for 5

225 for 3

315 for 2

405 for 1

495 for 1

585 for 1

705 for Miss, rested 5 minutes and missed again...

John told me to go conventional, face the other way and just pick it up.  I tried that and...

conventional pull

705 for 1

675 for 1

585 for 1

finally pulled 700 plus after missing it 5 times this meet cycle.  The video gives you an idea of how paralysis over analysis can get in the way of success and what simply  changing it up and only letting effort be your focus can do for you.  In the end it's just a bunch of weights.  How the hell did I ever pull 755 in a meet??

Video of 705 pull.


i never really noticed the audio in my vids.  I usually watch them and upload them on mute.  We say the dumbest things lol.  My favorite was me saying "I been pulling shitty for years". And my boy john saying "I know". Lol.  Motivational speaking is his forte!

i left the gym early as the 6 year old had her 1st grade choir concert.  She did great.