5 min warm up

My intention for the next couple of weeks is to remove a mat off blocks. Today, went down to two mats. Barely an inch off the floor and enough to still stroke my ego.

Worked up to 400lbs for two singles. This gave me major confidence. A friend of mine caught me talking to myself after my first single. He doesn't think I'm crazy or anything. I told myself - "you can for sure pull 400 raw off the floor. Holy crap." It has been a goal of mine for years.

400lbs 2 x 1

Deficits 225lbs 3 x 5

Quick accessories since gym was closing and the guys were nice enough to stick around with me for 15 minutes more:

4 rounds:

GHR's x 10

GHR back extensions x 10

Band ham curls x 25

Facepulls x 25