I'm a day behind in training again. Why? You might be wondering. This is a pattern. You're right it is.....sick again this week.  Stomach flu this time. It is OUTRAGEOUSLY STUPID how one household can have so much sickness in two months time.  Whatever.

I came home early from work on Tuesday and went right to bed. Maybe it was Tuesday. I don't even know what is what anymore which is obvious based on the contents of this exchange with Hannah.

What you cannot read in the text is how long it took me to actually send it to Hannah. The debate in my head waged on for quite a long time while I laid there near death. I just wasn't comfortable putting my crazy out there on the line to my girl, H.

In the end, I decided that she loves me regardless so I decided closure was important and I asked the question...



So, chalk this up to another crazy Wattles sleep incident. I'm good with that, these incidents are always hugely entertaining. Ring side seats are the best, right next to me when I sleep while I give presentations and motivational speeches, make a plethora of odd noises and have conversations with what I can best estimate to be people who are only real in my dreams. It's all fun and games but I'm calling bull shit if Dave decides to drop some ShamWows! in the mail to some team members and they show up featured on the weekly sales.