Deficit Deadlifts and Rows

I mentioned in my post from last weeks deadlift day that I am alternating rack pulls and deficit deadlifts from week to week.
This was my first time pulling from a deficit in a while (maybe six months?). It didn't take too long to get used to the added range. Steve has me perform these touch and go with as much control as possible. It's much easier to control at a lighter weight, and I like to make things more difficult on myself so I'll make the eccentric as slow as I can, and make sure not to pull off of a bounce.
As for my upper back work, I normally would go as heavy as possible on things like dumbbell/barbell rows and pull downs. I'm trying to add in more controlled rows during this training cycle. One big reason why I am doing this is because I've been dealing with a shoulder issue for some time now and have noticed a lack of control through my scapulae. I am doing camshafts, and shoulder circles when I can, and making sure to add rows where I can focus more on protraction/retraction.

Deadlifts from a 3 inch deficit

GSLDL 5x6x115

Wide grip stretcher rows 4x12
Deadlift stance single arm Kbell row 4x6
Standing banded shrugs 4x12

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