Training for the Women's Pro/Am April 14th. Programming by Dave Tate in italics.



  • Warm Up
  • Hanging Leg Raise
  • Reverse Hypers
  • Pull Down Abs
  • Face Pulls
  • Low Rows
  • GHR
  • *2-4 sets (whatever you need)



  • Deficit Conventional Deadlifts Standing on 1 DC Block.
  • + work up to one rep max


Welllll I only made it up to 385 here. That does not seem good. The hook grip weathered the storm but that’s well below my max so it’s hard to say how to will be when I pull 425+. Was not happy about this pull though. Kind of on the mopey side. Fuck. My fucking pull. I was hoping to hit 400+.


  • Close Stance Box Squat to 12 inch box with buffalo bar
  • + moderate weight. 3 sets of 5 working on pushing back hard to stretch the hamstrings
  • + Use more weight than last week


Last week of these shenanigans so I went with a plate a 2 dimes on one of them there curved bars.   After these I did my good mornings with the same bar working up to a plate dime 5 for sets of 5. I put this under free time but since it is a heavier movement and I put it earlier, here it is. Right where it belongs.  These are not on the program but something I had to add in to address my ailing back strength.


  • GHR
  • + Warm ups
  • + 2 working sets with bodyweight to failure  


I dunno like 50?? Shrug emoji?? I stopped counting after 30. I want those hamstrings that look like a Christmas ham…. string..


  • Belt Squats
  • + warm ups
  • + ascending sets of 6 reps with 1-2 minutes between until you get to a weight you can’t do for 6 reps.  This should be 4-5 total work sets
  • ****** I am going to keep this in as we should have our new belt squat so this will allow you guys to test it for me. If it is not here or in working order this movement will be either hack squats or the Power Squat Machine.  


Indeeed we did get the new belt squat! So exciting! I ran my hands all over it. This one is nice because it works for short people like myself. Worked up to 4 plates and 2 quarters total.


  • Blue Ab Bench with very light med ball between knees with feet off floor.  
  • + crush ball between legs
  • + 4 sets to failure


4 dimes total. I try to make it all the way down to my knees instead of cheating and bringing my knees up to meet me like I do when I use heavier weight. I’ll admit it.


  • Reverse Hypers (light and tight)
  • + 3 sets of 15-20 reps

3 plates total my back was feeling a little spicy from pulling.


  • Planks
  • Planks pulling elbows and toes together. 6-10 sec Iso Holds.
  • + 6 sets

  • Free Time
  • Whatever you want

GOD DAMMIT WHY DID I NOT WRITE DOWN MY FREE TIME AGAIN??? I should put a dollar into a jar every time I do that. I could purchase like a large novelty candy bar.


  • Recovery
  • 90/90 breathing - 5 minutes
  • Light stretching