This week was the deload week.  I decided to do it right and not go in at all.  Tuesday was supposed to be Squat/Pull night and John had to work late.  I chose to take the time and spend it at home with the family.  Due to my lifting, my wife's training, and the 6 years olds sports we rarely eat dinner all together on the week nights.  I took advantage of the easy week and just stretched for a few minutes and passed on the workout entirely.  Bench day rolled around and I again decided to skip the workout.  Its a snow day and I am going to spend the day out side sledding or inside with the family.  Ill hit the gym Saturday for a quick light all inclusive day and get back at it Tuesday at 92.5 percent for thee singles.  My day will now consist of beer, vodka, my shiatsu massage pillow, and chasing the kids and kids with my nano quad copter.

Life is good.