135, 1x5

185, 1x5

205, 1x5

235, 1x5

275, 1x5

305, 1x5

Narrow Stance SSB Box Squat

Bar x5

170, 1x3

220, 1x3

265, 1x3

295, 1x1

305, 1x1 (belt)

315, 1x1


I took my girls out for a stroll, it's been so long. I used this time to assess grip endurance, turns and overall wind suckage. Granted it's nothing earth shattering but dang, my grip is awesome and didn't flinch. It's everything else that's the problem.

125, 1x175 feet with turns at 50 feet

125, 1x200 feet with turn at 100 feet

Light Gripper Work

GHR - 3x5

My core is a weakness and needs to be addressed. Conditioning too. I am excited to be back event training and enjoying the beautiful weather. Thirteen weeks to pull it all together.

For the most part I am very fortunate to have access to the equipment I have and there has been nothing on my list of things I would like to add or think I should add. Today I starting thinking about these beauties
They really are amazing and something I thoroughly enjoyed training with during a visit to elitefts. It may be time to start ratcheting down some pressure to get me a new set of farmers.