Does your gym smell like a nursing home? Which joint and muscle product do you like best?

Here at the Outlaw gym we have plenty of topical lotions, creams, sprays and roll ons. You name it we got it!

You want it hot, gotcha covered.

You want it cold, gotcha covered.

You want it frozen, gotcha covered.

You want it horse strength, gotcha covered.

You want it screaming hot, gotcha covered.

You want it to clear your sinuses, gotcha covered.

You want your skin to wreak like garlic, gotcha covered.

You want to wake up Mother F***er, gotcha covered.

Show me a powerlifter who doesn’t have joint and muscle creams and lotions in their bag and I’d say they weren’t training hard enough.

Half the battle is pre-hab and re-hab when it comes to pushing through the aches and pains of being an athlete.  Some days we joke that our gym smells like a nursing home but it’s a necessary evil.

Between foam rollers, topical lotions, joint medication, percussor, bands, shoulder savers and the list goes on, we can safely keep our bodies tuned up!


Keep training hard and living, learning, passing on.

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